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David Wilson
Compton Abbas

RAE.653 D.62B Condor (100 hp Continental O-200-A). Regd G-BADM 8.9.72 to Rollason Aircraft & Engines, Croydon. Under construction at Croydon 29.11.72 but later abandoned. Noted 1985 stored at Billingshurst unmarked. Regn cld 13.11.86 as wfu. Restored as G-BADM to D P Trimm-Allen, (Shoreham) 27.10.89 and on rebuild at Lewes. Re-regd to K P Wordsworth, (Uckfield) 25.7.91, then to M Harris & J Taylor, Yeldon Farm, Nutley 21.10.92. First Permit issued 05.11.94; also quoted with PFA Project No. PFA/49-11442. Re-regd 29.4.99 to M Harris & J St.J Mehta, Yeldon Farm, Nutley. Owned since March 2003 by David Wilson and now based at Compton Abbas in Dorset.