Serial No.:
RAE 646
Aircraft Type:
Martin Soulsby
Morpeth, Northumberland

RAE.646 D.62C Condor (130 hp R-R Continental O-240-A). Regd G-AYFE 19.6.70 to N H Jones, Redhill and CofA issued 15.2.71. Operated by London Gliding Club, Dunstable 1971-74. Operated at Whatfield 1975. Cld 9.1.76 and re-regd 5.10.76 to J T Wallis t/a Essex & Suffolk Gliding Club, Whatfield. Re-regd 27.9.77 to R G Bearcroft, Whatfield, operated by Essex & Suffolk Gliding Club. In 1980 (also?) at Poplar Hall Farm, Elmslett. Re-regd 27.10.81 to R R Harris (Essex & Suffolk G/C), Whatfield, and on 10.10.86 to J Abbess (Essex & Suffolk G/C), Whatfield. Re-regd 13.7.92 to D I H.Johnstone & W T Barnard, Strathaven / Cumbernauld, Strathclyde..

In a slow recovery back to flight, 'FE' is currently going through the process of transfer from the CAA to the LAA whilst being restored.

Latest update from Nick Stone (26 Jan 2010). 'FE' has just had it's LAA permit issued and took to the air after 10 years on the ground!