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Andrew Chadwick
Original design and previous colour scheme - see below for full details of the rebuild!

RAE.644 D.62B Condor (100 hp Continental O-200-A). Regd G-AYFC 19.6.70 to N H Jones, Redhill and CofA issued 14.9.70.Operated by Stapleford Flying Club 1971-79. To Redhill 1979-80. Cld 8.4.80 and re-regd 23.4.80 to J B Randle, Redhill / Piltdown, Nr Uckfield. Cld 28.3.85 and re-regd 8.5.85 to R A Smith, Redhill / Crowfield. Re-regd 2.8.91 to P A Wensak & D J Wilson, Hill Farm, Nayland. Re-regd 29.10.93 to K Knight, Shobdon. Re-regd 17.5.95 to A D Pearce, (Lydney) Eastbach Farm, English Bicknor. Re-regd 10.12.96 to A G Stevens, Little Battle-flats Farm, Ellistown. Coalville, Leics. Owned by Andy Chadwick and based at Breighton since 2002 - Andy completed a full rebuild in Autumn of 2007 - details as follows:-

A/C taken out of service Oct.2002.
Between Oct02-July05:
Full strip and inspection of fuselage in 27' x 8' garage, repairs.
All repairs carried out.
Canopy & fuselage modification.
Brake system modification.
Battery to Firewall modification.
Full recover and paint, 2K
Fuselage returned to hanger 3 at Breighton for storage.
Wings brought to garage and stripped.
All repairs carried out, incl. port wing trailing edge and flap shroud replacement.
Full recover.
July 05.
Work ceased to make way for divorce!
March 07
Work recommenced and wings painted, 2K.
1st Sept..07
Fuselage and wings transported to Netherthorpe for re-assembly under and with the help of Mark & Dave Bonsal of Dukeries Aviation.
Upon re-assembly a host of minor set backs contributed to the frustration of 2.5 hours of travelling back and forth from Leeds to Worksop but our resolve won the day!
12th Sept. 07 Request to test fly for permit renewal posted to PFA
14th. Sept. 07 PFA confirmed approval was in the post ! ! !
15th Sept. 07 new glass wing root fairings trimmed to fit.
16th Sept. 07 My good friend Brian Brown the Hurricane Display Pilot passed away.
16th Sept. 07 The approval to test fly arrived, Brian would have laughed and said' how long? which April?'
Thank for everything Brian and God Bless You.

A link to see that first test flight is here - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=dMUVqpR2Ixo