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Serial No.:
RAE 636
Aircraft Type:
David & Neil Butler

RAE.636 D.62B Condor (100 hp Continental O-200-A). Regd G-AWSS 31.10.68 to Rollason Aircraft & Engines Ltd. CofA issued 14.4.69 and re-regd to N H Jones 22.4.69. Flown in 1969 race season by N H Jones and also by Daphne Poynter who on 26.4.69 was 3rd in the British 99s Challenge Cup behind G-AWSO at a speed of 129.75 mph. Operated by Coventry Gliding Club, Husbands Boworth. Modified to D.62C (130 hp R-R Continental O-240A) 1970. Operated at Doncaster 1972, Inkpen Ridge 1974, and Fyfield/North Weald 1976. Cld 13.6.80 and re-regd to Tiger Club Ltd 30.6.80. Cld 5.8.81 and re-regd 20.8.81 to J L Kinch & R J Leitch, Fearn/Dalcross. Cld 28.6.83 and regd to J L Kinch (only), Dalcross 13.9.83. Cld 14.8.85 and re-regd 1.10.85 to G Bruce, Dyce/Fordoun. Permit expired 19.10.94 and stored at Fordoun, Grampian. Regd to N J & D Butler, Fordoun 27.10.97