Serial No.:
RAE 611
Aircraft Type:
Victor A Holliday
RAE.611 D.62B Condor (100 hp Continental O-200-A). Regd G-ATAV 10.2.65 to Rollason Aircraft & Engines Ltd. First flight 4.10.65. CofA issued 8.10.65. Regd to N H Jones 13.10.65. Operated by Rochester Flying Club 1968-70. Converted to D.62C (130 hp Continenetal O-240A) 1969; first flight 26.8.70. Operated by Doncaster Gliding Club 1972, but also given as Scottish Gliding Union. At Rochester 1972, Wycombe Air Centre,Booker as a glider tug 1975 and at Lasham 1976. Regd to Lasham Gliding Society Ltd. 7.9.76. Regd to S Allsop & C Day, Condor Syndicate, Long Mynd 11.11.81. Regd to R W H Watson & K J Gallagher, Kilkerran, Ayr 28.4.92. To R W H Watson only, 23.7.96 and stored, Kilkerran 4.97. Regd to John Hornby, Lincolnshire Gliding Club, Strubby 4.11.02 0n re-build. Regd to Agri Air Services Ltd, based Strubby 18.1.05. Regd to Victor A Holiday, Burton-on-Trent.