Serial No.:
RAE 609
Aircraft Type:
Clive Isbell
RAE.609 D.62B Condor (100 hp Continental O-200-A). Regd G-ASRC 11.3.64 to Rollason Aircraft & Engines Ltd. First flight 30.1.65. CofA issued 4.2.65. Regd to N H Jones 5.3.65. G-ASRC was flown 12.6.65 in Air Races at Shoreham as "17" and also on 7.8.65 at Teeside. Was in use at Rochester by 5.66 and crashed there on landing on a training flight 14.8.66. Badly damaged and as a result was fitted with a new fuselage and was flying again by 8.10.66. Flown by Clan Flying Group for 393hrs from 9.67 and by Hull Aero Club, Paull from 16.2.69. Converted to D.62C glider tug by Rollasons (130 hp Continental O-240-A) 1970; first flight 30.3.71. Operated by Kent Gliding Club, Challock 1972 and at Tibenham 7.75 as a glider tug. At Shoreham 1977 and Husbands Bosworth by Coventry Gliding Club 1979. Regd to Tiger Club Ltd, Husbands Bosworth 30.6.80. Cld 5.3.85 and stored at Redhill. Regd to P S Milner, Scotland Farm, Hook 29.3.85. On 7.11.85 it was savaged by an inquisitive pony and required repairs to wing and tailplane. Damaged in gales at Hook, 16.10.87, but was presumably minor as it made three flights on 24.10.87! . Last flight with a CofA was on 10.1.88, this was followed by a Permit issued on 30.3.88. Regd to J Knight, Bradleys Lawn, Heathfield 22.9.90. Regd to O R Pluck, Lower Mountpleasant Farm, Chatteris 15.3.94 then Monewden, Suffolk from 1995.
The late Orson Pluck (died 28.2.01) made his last flight in it on 7.1.01. Clive R Isbell became the registered owner on 6.6.01 and bases G-ASRC at Andrewsfield.